I, me, myself

My story is the story of any average person who realises at a random point in ones life that deep within the ennui of their quotidian existence lies a dream – powerful, dazzling and ready to be nurtured into reality.


Perhaps my childhood in fashionable city of Patiala or perhaps my years as a banker in a French Corporate Bank replete with chic dressers and endless supply of fashion magazines or my solitude fraught days as a stay at home mom helped bring me face to face with my intense liking for fashion.


I find inspiration, life lessons and creative joy in this world and now, more than ever, I am enjoying the soul of it. The rich weaving heritage of our land, eco repercussions of our style choices and the designers with a deep reservoir of talent who blur the line between choosing for beauty or the soul find resonance in my own thoughts on fashion.


Over the years, I have come to appreciate many dressers who within the framework of their busy lives have found their amazing sense of style or the works of many designers who, in the face of trend driven market remain fiercely original.


The idea behind ‘Pallavi’s style diaries’ is a celebration of it all.


My supreme posse



From up there I think, He saw me lost in my ideas and thoughts sitting alone in some bookstore or cafe stirring my perfectly brewed cappuccino where the milk froth would give way under my gaze heavy with dreams and blend into the espresso. Thank you for your gracious presence, my constant companion and thank you for your interest in the fulfillment of my inconsequential dreams.


Karan Datta

My kind and gentle life partner and venture capitalist who is always there to cover my back (many a times to make me get off his) and to be party to my many whimsical plans. With very high sartorial quotient, Karan can give a run for money to the best dressers anywhere in the world. He is astute enough to understand the importance of keeping a woman happy yet gullible enough to believe that a Proenza Schouler bag is essential for keeping the blog interesting. In this moment of gratitude, I wish such a partner in everyones life.


Bhavna Talwar

It seems a little irregular for a National Award winning, superbly talented movie director with five projects in waiting to enthusiastically get involved with a friend’s fashion blog. But this is exactly what BT did and went on to push, kick, cajole, bite and lecture me till I did not seriously start working towards realizing my dream. She is available at all times of day and night to listen to my many ideas and appreciating the camera angles I suggest with indulgence and good humour while keeping me going with amazing teas that she can brew. I can safely say this would not have happened without her. More power to you, B.


Vinit Bhatt

A chance meeting with this kindred, sweet person fuelled and empowered my distant desirable task. He understands the joy of following ones dream as he too chucked his career of an engineer to follow his passion for photography. One of those rare professionals for whom his choice of work depends upon the joy it brings rather than the economy of it, his intense hard work and dedication forces me to up my ante and bring in my top game. But many a times I wonder if he does all that work just to maintain his tall, lean, handsome looks.


Ajay Prakash

As unlikely as it may seem but there does come a time when pesky younger brothers and their pesky friends empower you. Such miracle came about when my bro, Sid, was made privy to the idea of my blog. Immediately I was connected to his friend Ajay, who now runs his very successful Red Cube Digital, a web designing and digital marketing company. It took me few months to understand his amazing competence and effective strategy. Like I said, the pillion partner of bro’s many excursions through the lanes of Delhi, has become this professional force behind me. All hail younger brothers.