Conscious Bride’s Diaries


In the loud Indian modern wedding, the bride seems to be competing with herself to wear the most garish, flouncy outfits on all occasions leading upto marriage.

Upon enquiry on this crazy phenomenon, I have been told that brides wear eye blinding garments to out do the attendees who are deluded enough to think that perhaps it is their wedding and that they have to outdo the current bride! The bride’s relatives keep cajoling her to dress up for every event mindful of the fact that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and that no ornamentation should be spared! However, I argue that attendees of the wedding belie this thought by their over the top dressing and also, I ask, would the bride not stand out by being dressed in true, one-of- a-kind luxury while surrounded in repetitive bling? I cannot imagine this hilarious pressure on the bride to outdo the others in the flashy factor.

Here, fortunately, Dayana wears a sari painstakingly woven in a combination of techniques like jamdani+ikkat+Paithani and is replicated from a 19th century sari.
Handwoven in pure zari, we can admire interlocking of Paithani and ikkat of Hyderabad with Benares brocade. It is teemed with antique heirloom traditional Jewellery like the sun and moon as hair ornaments with a handcrafted Kada – and the look spells subtle opulence at every level. On an occasion like a ‘mehandi’, to come across this purity is refreshing.

Saree: Vedaa Contemporary Weaves
Talent: Dayana Erappa
Photography: Vinit Bhatt
Hair and Makeup: Megha Kothari