Sari:Ultimate wearability Challenge

Ultimate Wearability Challenge



Rasika Navare – As I unfolded the sari, got tangled in the draping but eventually got it right and just loved my lady like look.

Nijhum Patra: I felt little rusty with the process to begin with but enjoyed the experience of wrapping the opulent yardage.

Saris with youthful pop prints are from Deepika Govind brings on a smile!
Adorable ‘Tsunamika dolls’ dancing, while adorning the ‘paraandis’, are reminders of HOPE. Contact Upasana for details.

Ultimate Wearability Challenge


Rasika Navare – Our chores took a while because Nijhum couldn’t mount the bicycle to ride it. Otherwise, I was extremely comfortable in organic cotton sari and khadi Nehru jacket that I wore as a top. I was amazed, though, with the extreme comfort and utter ease of the outfit.

Nijhum Patra: Well, I was really upset for not being able to ride around with Rasika! Since it was completely Pallavi’s fault for not having draped our saris in a ‘Kasta/ Navari’ style, in which I would have cycled around with utter ease, I took the sari home with me as compensation 😉 In restrospect, I enjoyed the experience. Thanks, Uma Prajapati, I’m loving my sari!

Both saris and tops are made from organic cotton, available at Upasana.

Ultimate Wearability Challenge


Rasika Navare: It was such a joy wearing this comfortable cotton sari with geometrical instruments likes measuring scale, compass, divider, protractor, pencils and erasers printed on it. I felt like a school girl :-)

Nijhum Patra: I absolutely loved it too. My sari had a whimsical jungle print that was teamed with a top with ‘Utterly-butterly’ girl on it who is such a pop icon of our times. Definitely brought on a smile.

Both tha saris are block printed by Kavita Sanghi of Khoj.
The jewellery is made from recycled material and is available at Upasana.
The tops, the embroidered bag and the shoes with pom-poms are by Deepika Govind.

Ultimate Wearability Challenge


FINDINGS:Rasika Navare-Soft, supple texture of the yardage added to the restful and joyful activity of reading and made it even more relaxing. Just was worried about the grass and the dirt soiling my pretty sari.

Nijhum Patra– I loved the experience, swinging my legs and living the lives of the protagonist of my book. The fabric was so comfortable and I could cover myself to ward off mosquitoes!

Dear Readers, please do excuse my Mr Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice) hangover in the challenge title. Do you remember this line?
Both the gorgeous saris are by Deepika Govind

Ultimate Wearability Challenge


Rasika Navare:The whole challenge was fun and this last sari was a complete joy to wear. It’s so easy, breezy, lightweight and wearing it with a shirt made it perfect for a long, hectic work day that I usually lead.

Nijhum Patra: I completely agree with Rasika and well, now the challenge for me will be to get out of this sari. The texture is the most lightweight linen possible that is breathable and the shirts have side pockets for my keys and phone without which I’m generally lost. Loved the experience!

Both the saris are by talented Anavila Mishra whose label is called ANAVILA.
Kutch bag is by Deepika Govind.
The jewellery is made from discarded fabric – available at Upasana.