PV Sindhu:Princess of her court

Princess PV Sindhu Claims her Court


Garment and neck piece by Button Masala. Anuj Sharma, the brain behind this label has given sustainable clothing a new spin by creating clothes that are free of the vagaries of hemline trends, weight gain, height gain or any such impediments in the longevity of a garment. The wearer can button up or down, horizontally or vertically to be a co-creator and interactive partner in this clothing.
Antique silver bracelet with thread woven band is from Aquamarine.
Location availability is due to the kind courtesy of Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy, Hyderabad.

PV Sindhu

PV Sandhu

Garments by Gaurang Shah

Jewellery by Silver Streak
Like a meditative samurai, she trains from morning to evening, every day. When she is not training, she is competing in various tournaments around the world. She never attends any get togethers or social events or parties, no holidays, did not even attend her own sister’s wedding.

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PV Sindhu

That the coach holds a position more exalted than a mother for a sports person, resonated when I met Mr. Gopichand and PV Sindhu. Nothing missed coach Gopichand’s eyes. I was promptly reminded of a poem in the introduction of ‘The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes’ by Bill Watterson where Calvin is in awe of his mother’s all knowing gaze. Only here, the poem seems to describe Coach Pullela Gopichand to a pat therefore the word ‘mother’ is suggested as ‘coach’.


My (mother) *coach has eyes in the back of his head!

I don’t quite believe it, but that’s what he said.

He explained that he’d been so uniquely endowed

To catch me when I did things Not Allowed.

I think he must also have eyes on his rear.

I’ve noticed his hindsight is unusually clear.


Gopichand’s ensemble is by Gaurang Shah whose work with the weavers is exemplary.

PV Sindhu’s stunningly crafted garments are from Vrisha by Rahul and Shikha .

Necklace parts worn as head pieces and butterfly silver jewellery are by Silver Streak.

‘Believe’ stainless steel bracelet is by En Inde.

Silver hoops by Aquamarine.

PV Sindhu


Impeccably structured garments are by Divyam Mehta
Steel and leather ‘believe’ cuff is by En Inde
For PV Sindhu, the journey to the top her game toughens up from here on. In the coming two years she has to consistently win International tournaments to break into the ‘Super 8’ and then the ‘Top 5’ world rankings. Competition is getting severely tough as along with the Chinese, the Shuttlers from Thailand and Indonesia are gaining ground.
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Pullela Gopichand


The garments are by Gaurang Shah.
The day of the photo-shoot was the same day that Sindhu was returning home from her Macau win. As we mounted the daunting stairs to a grand Academy, we felt a deep calm that engulfed the place. Mr. Gopichand extended his kind, warm hospitality and indulged us with our requests. As the day progressed, the magnanimity of his persona started dawning on us.
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